Plant List

Aloe (edible, medicinal)
Amazon Celosia (vegetable)
Bahama Cassia (butterflies, FL native)
Basil (edible, medicinal)
Basil, African (edible, medicinal)
Basil, Holy (Tulsi) (edible, medicinal)
Basil, Thai (edible, medicinal)
Bay Bean (FL native)
Beautyberry (edible, FL native, medicinal)
Blackberry, Thornless (edible, FLnative, medicinal)
Black-eyed Susan (FL native)
Blanketflower (FL native)
Butterfly Pea (edible, FL native)
Carrots (butterflies, vegetable)
Cassia, Bahama (butterflies, FL native)
Cassia, Privet (butterflies, FL native)

Chickweed (edible, “weed”)
Chili, Thai (vegetable)
Climbing Aster (butterflies, FL native)
Collard, Georgia (vegetable)
Comfrey (medicinal)
Coontie (butterflies, edible, FL native)
Coral Honeysckle (butterflies, FL native, hummingbirds)
Corky-stem Passionvine (butterflies, FL native)
Cucumber (vegetable) [inactive]
Crossvine (FL native, hummingbirds, medicinal)
Fakahatchee Grass, Dwarf (Fl native)
Firebush (butterflies, edible, FL native)
Florida Betony (edible, FL native)
Garlic, Softneck (vegetable, medicinal)
Goldenrod (butterflies, FL native, medicinal)
Ground Cherry (vegetable)
Ironweed (butterflies, FL native, medicinal) [inactive]
Kale, Lactino (vegetable)
Lamb’s Quarter, Magenta Spreen (edible, “weed”)
Leek (vegetable)
Live Oak (edible, FL native)
Lovegrass (Fl native)
Matchstick, AKA fogfruit (butterflies, FL native, “weed”)
Melokia (Equptian) Spinach (edible)
Muhly Grass (FL native)
Mulberry, Dwarf Black (edible, medicinal)
Okinawa Spinach (edible, medicinal)
Onion, Florida Wild (edible, FL native)
Oregano, Cuban (edible)
Parsley (edible, medicinal)
Pigeon Plum (edible, FL native)
Plantain, Broadleaf (edible, medicinal, “weed”)
Plantain, Giant Turkish (edible, medicinal, “weed”)

Porterweed (butterflies, FL native)
Purslane (edible, “weed”)
Red Leaf Hibiscus (butterflies, edible)
Rosemary (edible, medicinal)
Sage (edible, medicinal)
Sage, Tropical (butterflies, FL native)
Salad Burnette (edible)
Salvia, Blue (butterflies, hummingbirds)
Sea Grape (edible, FL native)
Sheep Sorrel (edible, “weed”)
Simpson’s Stopper (edible, FL native)
Spanish Needles (edible, FL native, medicinal, “weed”)
Spiderwort (edible, FL native, nuclear bellweather, “weed”)
St. John’s Wort (edible)
Stevia (edible)
Stinging Nettles (edible, FL native, medicinal)
Sunshine Mimosa (butterflies, FL native)
Swamp Sunflower (butterflies, FL native) [inactive]
Thyme (edible, medicinal)
Tomato, Cherry (vegetable)
Violet, Wild (edible, FL native, “weed”)
Wild Coffee (FL native, medicinal)
Wood Betony (FL native, medicinal, “weed”)
Wood Sorrel (edible, “weed”)
Yarrow (butterflies, FL native, medicinal)
Yellow Top (butterflies, FL native)


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