Sheet mulching progress

I got the bug to sheet mulch around my side door and shed.  I want to remove the stupid “deck” and put in a rain barrel and make a nicer seating area.  I would also like to get a picnic table for outdoor dining and crafting.

Here are pics of cardboard and packing paper laid out on the ground before applying mulch. I wetted the paper/cardboard down to prevent it from flying away. Potted plants, pavers, and kid’s toys work well for holding down the cardboard. I also like to have a wheelbarrow of mulch handy for throwing handfuls on the cardboard to keep it in place.

Here are after pics of the same area after adding pavers and mulch.

One more pic. Looks even nicer than this now because I mulched on top with pine needles, they are kinder to bare feet than the chunky recycled mulch and highlight the path.


I bought this sign from Beyond Pesticides because I got sick of the cute little frog signs my neighbors have warning that they have poured neurotoxins on their turf lawn.



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