Winter Planting

I bought a 72 cell Burpee seed tray. It was no fun trying to get the compressed pellets to expand, I had to help them a lot, it took over an hour.  Next time I would throw away the pellets and use sterilized potting soil. I had 22 kinds of seeds I wanted to plant so I planted 18 packets with 4 cells each, and the last 4 were greens. The greens got planted in big pots to make it easier to harvest: right outside my door in zone 1.

Here is what I planted:

Mystery Wildflower (from Pinellas FNPS yard tour)
Pink and Orange Cosmos
Lemon Balm
Indian Blanketflower
Thai Chili (Don’t rub your nose after touching, ouch!)
Sweet Bell Pepper
“Long” Pepper (unsure what kind but it’s very mild)
Partridge Pea
Kentuky Wonder Pole Bean
Melokia (Egyptian) Spinach- seeds I saved myself, yeah!
Green Ice Lettuce
Salad Bowl Lettuce

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