Plant Wish List

I believe I would be able to grow all these plants at my home in zone 9B.  I hope to obtain them and try them out soon.

Comfrey – mulch plant, medicinal

Mashua- Vining nasturtium, edible leaves and  flowers and tubers, natural insecticide

Buckwheat- mulch maker, edible, draws pollinators

Lamb’s Quarter- edible, nutrient accumulator, easy to grow

Sheep Sorrel- edible, easy to grow, nutrient accumulator

Yarrow- edible, attracts butterflies, nutrient accumulator

Fennel- attracts butterflies, edible

Plantain-edible, easy to grow, medicinal

Mallow- edible, pretty

Tree Kale- edible

Stinging Nettles- edible, soil builder

Holy Basil- edible, medicinal

Skullcap (Scutellaria galericulata)– easy to grow, medicinal, smokeable